Česká školní inspekce - vývoj aplikace

Czech School Inspectorate

2012 - so far

Development of application for evaluation of school methodologies

Who is a client

The Czech School Inspectorate (CSI) processes concepts of inspection activity and systems of evaluation of the national education system. He is also responsible for checking compliance with the relevant legislation.

Client bases

For the evaluation of school education programs - the programs according to which schools teach - the client used the data from the InspIS information system operated since 2007. Based on his data, he compared the results of the inspections with the content of current SEPs. The system thus served as a source for analyzing the development trends of schools. The inspectors allowed an overview not only of the suitability of the current SEP for the given school, but also of the comparison of the current and previous version of the SEP could also evaluate their impact on the efficiency of the educational process.

The client intended to replace InspIS with a new information system that would make it easier for schools to communicate with the CSI. By providing interactive tools and connecting the system to dial-ups, etc., the data sources should increase the level of communication with the CSI and improve both the quality of the documents submitted to the CSI and the process of their evaluation by the CSI. The maximum number of elementary and secondary schools should be involved in the project.

How the development of the application took place

The project "Development of an Interactive Environment for Creation, Modification and Evaluation of School Education Plans (SEP), Implementation of Evaluation Methodologies and Platform for Education" had a smooth course despite the complicated title. It was divided into two parts: EPIS I was to ensure communication and reporting submitted to the CSI, EPIS II was supposed to support SEP creation and eliminate contradictions with a valid methodology.

  • 2012/2013: The EPIS project selection process took place.
  • February-April 2013: An expert analytical study was prepared to propose a new structured enrollment of SEPs including new numerals.
  • May-June 2013: Elaboration of EPIS II application (EPIS I developed by another entity).
  • July-December 2013: The development of EPIS II was ongoing.
  • January-May 2014: Pilot traffic was running, documentation was written.
  • May 2014: The application was certified as an information system of public administration, as amended by Act No. 365/2000, On Public Administration Information Systems, and put into operation

The application was created in high quality, the handover was done within the specified deadline. It is used by about 80,000 users on approximately 14,000 schools.

"All designs and outputs have always been on a high level. Blue Partners' staffing has been totally professional."

Kamil Melichárek, Director of ICT and Economic Departement

Claims on client

As part of the development, we have requested this collaboration from the client:

  • Providing background for analytical study
  • Suggestion of application design during the design of processes and screens
  • Delivering IT infrastructure for testing and deploying to an operating environment
  • Provide space and attendees for training application staff


Key Benefits through the Client's Eyes

  • Unification of the management system for about 300 Framework Educational Programs (FEPs)
  • Efficient filling of required dials
  • Clear form technology
  • Rapid implementation of the system on an agreed date
  • Possibility of SEP control
  • Clear user documentation and quick training with a large number of samples


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