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Louwman Motor Czech Group

2007- - so far

IT outsourcing for Toyota Louwman

Who is a client

Important company dealing with Toyota and Lexus. Founded in the Netherlands in 1923 as a family business. Today, he is one of the leading automotive companies in Europe with a dominant position in the market. It has sold over 2 million cars, employs over 2,300 employees and owns more than 40 sales and service centers.

Client bases

The client needed to secure the IT needs of its Czech branches in Prague, Ústí nad Labem, Kladno and Příbram:

  • Secure data connectivity for affiliates
  • Email service
  • Operation of the CARIS key application, including communication with the application vendor
  • Device Configuration Ad. Support 120 end users.


How the service is running

  • At the beginning, the parameters of each service were agreed as response times, guaranteed availability of systems, etc. (SLA).
  • Work is done remotely or at client's work as needed.
  • The client reports requests by phone, e-mail, or via helpdesk. We respond quickly, usually before the agreed deadline.
  • We provide consultations and professional recommendations for corporate IT development.
  • We check and prove the quality of performance of the agreed services.
  • We pass detailed monthly job reports as a basis for billing


"Today's nearly nine-year collaboration is of great value to us for the excellent quality of the services we deliver, as well as for the communication and atmosphere of the partnership."

Ing. Tomáš Rzounek, CEO of Louwman Motor Czech Group

Claims on client

  • Time to determine the scope and quality of required services (once or for changes: hourly units per year)
  • Time to enter and take over work (minutes per month)
  • Time to report a fault (minutes per month)


Key Benefits through the Client's Eyes

  • Reliable guarantee of functional IT
  • Known IT costs
  • Expertise and continuity of IT solutions
  • Fast response to requests
  • Easy communication, human approach


Outsourcing IT guarantees safe and economical operation of computers, networks and information systems of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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