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2013- - so far

IT outsourcing for SKA-TEC

Who is a client

Since 1992 he has been representing the world's leading manufacturers of microbiology and analytical instrumentation on the Czech and Slovak markets. He specializes in fast microbiological methods and hygiene monitoring. An important part of the enterprise is the development and manufacture of instruments and accessories.

Client bases

The client needed to ensure:

  • E-mail consolidation,
  • Central storage and sharing of corporate data,
  • Remote secure access to the network (VPN),
  • Efficient backup,
  • Configuration and management of IT equipment and
  • Support for 10 end-users

Every employee's email was solved individually, data was placed on individual computers without sharing and central backup.

What has changed

  • E-mail including calendars and contacts is hosted at Blue Partners. Multiple users have access to shared mailboxes, including mobile devices.
  • All business data is stored on a new server, accessible to all users. The server is secured against power failure and against physical failure of HW.
  • It is easy to manage access permissions on server data.
  • All data is reliably backed up

"Blue Partners are our sunshine."

Sylva Dušková, Managing Director S K A - T E C spol. s r.o.

Key Benefits through the Client's Eyes

  • Functional, modern and reliable e-mail.
  • The IT environment is simple, consolidated and fully functional. The cost of managing it is minimal. Business data is under control and safe.
  • Supplier's rapid response to client requirements. The proposed solutions take into account the client's options and requirements.
  • It is possible to take care of your own business and not solve the IT that is well looked after


Outsourcing IT guarantees safe and economical operation of computers, networks and information systems for SMB.

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