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TULIPA PRAHA, s. r. o.

2012 - 2014

Project office and IT services for Tulipa

Who is a client

TULIPA PRAHA is a wholesale of flowers, decorative greenery and floristic supplies. She also buys Dutch floral stock exchanges from European, African and South American growers. The company was established in 1990 as a family business, now has 30+ employees. Every year, 100-150 trucks full of flowers for resale come to the company.

Client bases

The client needed to find a supplier of the warehouse system, which would update the inventory of approximately 20,000 warehouse items that were then registered on the basis of Excel spreadsheets. He realized that the optimal solution was closely related to setting up his own business processes. Only on the basis of their analysis, Optimization was to prepare and evaluate the tendering procedure for the warehouse system.

TULIP PRAHA wanted to analyze and implement warehouse SW:

  • Increase profit,
  • Better control movement of goods,
  • To obtain backgrounds for managerial decision-making,
  • Minimize waste,
  • Introduce mobile terminals to support mobile sales and sales at headquarters,
  • Introduce customer cards and offer tailor-made offers,
  • To maintain a competitive advantage based on fast order processing and handling of goods.


How the analysis took place

  • September 2012: Analysis and optimization of company processes started.
  • March 2013: Analysis and changes are complete.
  • March-June 2013: Selection of supplier of storage system is in progress.
  • July-December 2013: Stock system implemented.
  • January 2014: The stock system is running.
  • April 2014: Termination of trial and commencement of routine system operation.

"We appreciate Blue Partners' reliability and qualification, and we appreciate their helpfulness and patience when they discuss our issues and guide us in formulating requirements for a sought-after storage system."

Pavel Kusý, Managing Director of TULIPA PRAHA

Claims on client

From the client we needed:

  • Description of individual processes in controlled interviews (two months),
  • Control and comments on proposed processes (tens of hours),
  • Attending meetings with potential suppliers (units of hours)
  • And participating in the choice of supplier (units of hours).


Key Benefits through the Client's Eyes

  • Inside the company, a learned person emerged who moved the project forward and secured communication between the client and his suppliers: mutually expecting it translated into every intelligible language, qualified contractors with a detailed knowledge of client needs.
  • Quality assignments led to better offers, they were qualified and evaluated.
  • Analysis of internal processes has provided a new, very inspirational view of chronically known issues.
  • Unseen links between business and IT have emerged, leading to better mutual understanding and interconnection.
  • Service charges were offset by the savings and benefits of the chosen solution.
  • Qualified support for the acquired storage system is ensured; Blue Partners provide IT infrastructure and represent the client in communication with a warehouse system supplier.


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