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Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs


Application development for self-service advertising for UZSVM

Who is a client

The Office of the Representation of the State in Property Matters (UZSVM) acts before courts, arbitrators or permanent arbitration tribunals, administrative authorities and other authorities in matters concerning State property.

Client bases

The legislation introduced the obligation to publish unnecessary offers of state institutions to other state institutions. The client needed to fill this obligation quickly. He asked to create a self-service advertising application that will become part of his site. It was expected that the offer would be very varied in the field of movable and immovable property.

This has resulted in the following basic requirements:

  • The application must work "automatically", with a minimum of user and administrator requirements.
  • The submission and publication of tenders must be handled by the staff of the relevant organizational units without further assistance.
  • Administrators should be able to edit all user information, download the published offer, deactivate users,
  • The graphical appearance of the application must correspond to the current Office website.
  • The Office must obtain all source codes and the rights to change them so that it is not dependent on the application vendor

"The creation of the application took place at the specified dates, it was delivered in high quality and in the required design, it has positive feedback from other organizational components of the state." Blue Partners worked very well, individual specialists are real professionals.

Ing. Markéta Korbová, Head of Project Management and Central Applications, UZSVM

How did the project work?

First, we performed a basic analysis of application requirements. We have created, tested, and installed the application in the publisher environment. We have passed complete user and technical documentation and commented source codes.

  • January 2016: Tender launched.
  • February 2016: Application implementation and testing completed.
  • March 2016: The app is deployed to full traffic.


Claims on client

  • Describe the required functionality (units of hours).
  • Approve design application design (15 minutes).
  • Test application behavior (clock units).
  • Provide application deployment infrastructure (clock units).
  • Ensure the training of internal administrators (clock units)


Key Benefits through the Client's Eyes

  • Quickly designed application design and seamless reconciliation.
  • Implementation of the system on an agreed date.
  • Minimum testing errors.
  • Immediate bug fix.
  • Clear documentation and source codes, including comments, ensure independence from suppliers


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