Úzsvm - Vývoj aplikací

Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs

2008 - 2012

ÚZSVM - Project management of Central Registry of Administrative Buildings

Who is a client

The Office of the Representation of the State in Property Matters (UZSVM) acts before courts, arbitrators or permanent arbitration tribunals, administrative authorities and other authorities in matters concerning State property.

Client bases

The client requested to extend the existing state-owned information system to the Central Register of Administrative Buildings with the access of all state organizations. The task of the new system was:

  • Ensure detailed inventory of property, passportization of objects and documentation (maps, plans, drawings, schemes) in connection with the RUIAN registry.
  • Provide an overview of capacity utilization.
  • Track and report the development of the cost of running individual objects.
  • Track and report revenue from individual objects.
  • Binding records with the real estate register, including tracking changes.
  • Provide methodological support and training to pilot users.
  • Design and control compliance with a uniform methodology for budgeting and evaluating the cost of building management and maintenance.


How did the project work?

  • September 2008: Project preparation started. We have created documentation to support project and feasibility study.
  • January 2010: We have created the project documentation. The project was divided into 13 subprojects.
  • February 2010: An application was submitted for the 3rd Call of the IOP Operational Program.
  • June 2010: The project was approved.
  • July 2010 - October 2012: Implementation of individual parts of the project. Complete support for individual tenders and communication with representatives of the Structural Funds.
  • October 2012: The project is complete and the registry runs


Claims on client

  • Define the project goals.
  • Ensure the users of the new system in accordance with Act No. 219/2000 Coll., On property of the Czech Republic and its representation in legal relations.
  • Pass all system requirements.
  • Verify the functionality of the passed system.
  • Operate the registry for at least 5 years after putting it into operation.
  • Archive the project documentation.


Key Benefits through the Client's Eyes

  • Support in reliable and knowledgeable partner, has pushed the project forward and provided support for communication between project leaders, key users and fund managers.
  • Mutual expectations translates into every intelligible language, with a detailed knowledge of client's needs, opposed to suppliers.
  • Quality bids brought better bids, they were qualified.
  • Constructive communication with the support manager eliminated changes during the project and delayed approval of individual activities.

"Without the Blue Partners project office I can not imagine the successful deployment of such a robust system as the CRAB in so short a time."

Ing. Katerina Schön, Director of Organizational and Project Management Department, UZSVM


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