GDPR compliance

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a Privacy Protection Regulation that will enter into force on May 25, 2018. While giving EU citizens greater security against data misuse, companies will bring many new obligations. Prosecutors face liquidation fines. Do you know how to secure your business with GDPR and how to prove it?

GDPR applies to

Company, institutions, and self-employed - all who collect and process data of their employees or customers if they are physical persons.

We'll help ensure compliance with GDPR

  • We identify and collect electronic data and physical documents containing personal data that are subject to GDPR.

  • We will analyze the risk of personal data leakage.

  • We will pass your processing of personal data to internal processes and regulations, detect contradictions with GDPR and remove them.

  • We will also review your contractual relationships and advise you on how to reconcile them with GDPR.

  • We will analyze the technical security of the IT systems in which you have your personal data stored and propose measures. We are also able to implement the proposed measures.

  • We train your staff for the safe handling of personal information.

Outputs: What do you get?

  • Overviev
    Learn what to do to ensure compliance with GDPR; what soon and what later. Timing and financial framework of necessary measures. You will get a basic GDPR and a computerization guidelines.

  • Peace
    You will get a document that you can reliably prove to match your business processes with GDPR requirements.

  • Learned employees
    In e-learning courses, we teach your employees how to handle personal data..


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Efektivní IT - návrh informačního systému Blue Partners
Efektivní IT - IT strategie a cíle Blue Partners

Risks of underestimation of GDPR

  • Extreme Penalties for Violation of GDPR

    Serious violations of the GDPR Regulation may incur sanctions of up to € 20 million or 4% of worldwide turnover. Even fines for minor deficiencies are threatening to liquidation due to the euro exchange rate for Czech entrepreneurs.

Pricing and way of charging the service

Service price GDPR compliance depends on the size of your business, the number of affiliates, and the nature of the personal information you collect and process.


Company 1

Cars sale and service
50 employees
3 branches

Price of a service
75 000 CZK
250 Kč/e-learnign user

Company 2

Financial advice
30 employees
1 branch

Price of a service
80 000 CZK
250 Kč/e-learnign use

Company 3

700 employees
1 branch

Price of a service
250 000 CZK
250 Kč/e-learnign use

We provide orientation prices excluding VAT.

Why Use Efficient IT with Us

  • We have all the measures necessary to comply with the GDPR.

  • Upon request, we provide the service / Data Privacy Officer.

  • We have 6 years of experience with audits and transformation projects for Our Case Studies"> Major Clients  (in czech langluage)

  • Experienced and discrete miners are working for you 7-year corporate career.

  • Our company is the owner of ISO 27001 and holds the NBU certificate 001683 Confidential (emergence) and 001809 Secret (acquaintance).

Frequently asked questions

  • What are personal data and which of them are covered by GDPR?

    Personal information is everything that an individual can identify. Especially name, date of birth, birth number, gender or personal status, various contact details and many other text, image, technical, biometric and other identifiers. They are commonly found in personnel, wage and accounting records, CRM, and so on.

  • What should we prepare for, what synergy do you require?

    We have a meeting with you to clarify the GDPR issue and to identify the areas that concern you. Many jobs will save the fact that we have most of the measures prepared. Your synergy will be needed when:

    • choosing processes where you work with personal information,
    • the assembly of regulations and other selected documentation to review and propose modifications to comply with the GDPR,
    • security analysis of IT systems,
    • Employee release for training (e-learning is time-flexible, runs on your own computer whenever the employee has a free time)
    • presenting and taking over the analytical report, including all measures to ensure compliance with the GDPR.
  • How long does it take to get ready for GDPR compliance?

    The preparation time depends primarily on your time options. Usually it is about 2 to 3 months.

  • Will I have to blow up some systems and buy new ones?

    No, in the vast majority of cases, new IT systems are not needed to match GDPR.

  • Can the correction be made to the entry into force of the GDPR in May 2018?

    It is essential to start and persevere. Discovered deficiencies can be solved gradually. This allows GDPR. Do not solve them means really serious risk.

  • Can we ever let a foreign company to the data we want to protect?

    The right question. We evaluate processing, not specific personal data. In addition, we will sign a confidentiality agreement with you and hold the NBU Certificate No. 001683 Confidential and No. 001809 Secret.

For more infgormation about GDPR see article The privacy protection will be tightened up, businessmen will be obliged (only in Czech version)

How to get started

Contact us. We are already able to send a detailed offer with what you need to ensure compliance with the GDPR.