Effective IT

Everyone wants clever and inexpensive IT solutions that go well and do not cost anything. Practice is, of course, different.
Custom habits and routine backups do not protect against crashes or trouble when key workes leave your company.
There are losses, business complications and missed opportunities in the game. Find out how smart IT solutions you have!

Supports your IT business,
or does it just suck blood?


For authorities and other public institutions, we offer an audit according to ISO 27001.

What can primary analysis reveal?

  • Whether and how IT services are defined and documented.

  • How the existing IT depends on the presence of specific people.

  • How IT solutions (not)support the operation and development of your company.

  • Whether business understands what IT spends.

  • Whether IT understands what business needs.

  • Whether and how IT is evaluated, what metrics are tracked and how they report.

  • What losses are threatened when IT ceases to work and how to prevent it.

  • How well and fast IT can adapt to changed conditions or critical situations.

The optional service is transforming the current state into a desired state . When we discover shortcomings, we will take care of their remedy. Transformation of IT solutions can be carried out by your people under the guidance of our staff, or we can entrust IT with you during the transformation - depending on your preferences.

Service outcomes

  • Description of current and destination status
    We will explore the starting points and determine what we want to achieve.

  • Transformation proposal
    We will think about finishing the target state effectively.

  • Performing a transformation
    We will make changes, create documentation, and train staff.

  • Transformation 
    We compare the new state with his vision and draw conclusions.

Proces efektivního firemního IT od Blue Parnters


Effective ITpříklad
Effective ITpříklad
Effective ITpříklad

Service standards and standards

The Effective IT service is not formal audit . The analysis mainly takes into account the requirements and interests of the client. We focus on what matters most to the operation and development of your organization. We are not exploring anything that is not essential to your operation.

We design the service as a dedicated mix of procedures defined by ISO 27001, the COBIT framework, and the ITIL service.

Optional transformation of your IT solution to target status is guided by informal industry standards and good practice experience, with utmost respect for the habits and needs of your operations.

Risks of IT strategy underestimation

  • Uncertainty in case of critical events

    Imagine tomorrow's server burns or long-term sick key employees. The operation of many companies is hanging out because they have no documentation for key services and processed emergency plans. Critical information kept only in the heads of your employees greatly increases your dependence on their loyalty and good form.

    The Efficient IT Output is a mapping of key processes and their documentation. No one will be irreplaceable. In case of a crash, you can proceed according to a pre-scenario scenario.

  • Financial undervaluation / overvaluation

    Without a careful definition of the role of IT in supporting business, it is not possible to determine the resources for its operation and development. Users and IT will always ask for more than economists like. They must have an idea of what expenses are unnecessary and necessary for the operation of the business.

    The Efficient IT Outcome is an objective definition of IT needs (list and quality of services), including their financial demands. The document shows whether IT is financially underestimated or not.

  • Time-bound of development

    Many companies have intuitive IT solutions without identifying specific intermediate results and / or realistic terms. The advantage of transformation led by our specialists is a predetermined procedure with clear and binding steps, goals and deadlines. We will process you with knowledge of all possibilities and risks.

Pricing and way of charging the service

The service price is individual. It affects the size of the organization, the focus, and the detail of the analysis. Analytical and, eventually, The transformation section is offered separately.

The cost of a basic analysis for a medium-sized organization is around 100,000 Kč, in case of small company at around 50,000 Kč.

Why Use Efficient IT with Us

  • We have 6 years of experience with audits and transformation projects for Our Case Studies"> Major Clients  (in czech langluage)

  • Experienced and discrete miners are working for you 7-year corporate career.

  • Our company is the owner of ISO 27001 and holds the NBU certificate 001683 Confidential (emergence) and 001809 Secret (acquaintance).

Frequently asked questions

  • IT claims that everything works well, just needing more money. Will the service help us find the real state of affairs?

    If you've previously defined what IT really has to do and guarantee exactly how your smart IT solution looks like, you can measure the requirements with the metrics you specify. You might find that IT really needs more support. When objective criteria do not exist, the assessment is difficult. Criteria must be introduced. If you are in this situation, at first consultation, you will be willing and free to share our experiences and specific insights.

  • When is the right time for this service?

    You can analyze at any time. And the sooner, the better. Waiting for a more appropriate time can culminate with an unexpected problem that the analysis could prevent.

  • Do running projects have to stop during the analysis?

    No need. Analysis within the Efficient IT service takes place independently of current projects. Until the transformation phase, we suggest which projects can be continued and which will be better dampened or paused. After the transformation is complete, you can continue with the projects.

  • What if we do not proceed to the proposed transformation?

    Transformation is just a recommendation. You can interpret and implement the conclusions of your analysis at your own discretion.

  • Is the service just a black hole for money?

    The neglect of corporate IT solutions threatens to lose orders of more than the cost of its analysis or consolidation. This does not mean, of course, that we are going through silence. We pay maximum attention to recognizing the state in which you are and defining the desired goal. The exact definition of inputs and outputs affects the cost of analysis and possible transformations.

  • We would like to change the way our IT works, but we do not want to let a foreign company to get our documents and data.

    We understand your concern. How to calm you down? Our people who get in touch with your documents and dates work with Blue Partners for seven or more years. They are scrutiny and loyal. The handling of sensitive data is strictly determined by internal regulations. We are the holder of the NBU Certificate No. 001683 Confidential and 001809 Secret.

How to get started

Contact us. At the beginning, we would like you to briefly characterize your organization and describe the reasons that lead you to the need to analyze or transform your IT solutions. We'll come to you, talk to you and propose a way to suit you best. You'll always know what's going on and what's going to happen.