IT Outsourcing

Get rid of data protection and server, network, PC and peripheral management. Our IT outsourcing is for SME where IT is just a tool, not business. We take care of efficient operation and the necessary development. Collaboration is based on expertise, personal contact, and understandable communication.

Scope of service

  • Input Analysis of IT Environment

  • Takeover of IT Infrastructure

  • Server Administration and Network Management

  • Manage your PC and other hardware, maintenance, and service

  • Managing applications including licensing obligations

  • Ensure e-mail services and email security against abuse

  • Network Security, Data Protection

  • Backup and archiving of data

  • Managing and integrating corporate information systems

  • User Support

  • Consultation and Expert Services

  • Unified Support Hotline / Helpdesk


We want to run smoothly in a modern, stable and secure IT environment with minimal demands on your human and financial resources. The priority is functionality, simplicity and a balanced compromise between costs and benefits. We define these together and we continually evaluate their performance.

Our outcomes are regular meetings, reports, and job reports. You run, the prospect and the IT costs are under constant control.


IT Outsourcingpříklad
IT Outsourcingpříklad
IT Outsourcingpříklad
IT Outsourcingpříklad


Communication above all.

Risks of professional care neglecting

  • Accidents and outages

    What worries the economist more than the idea of investing in IT? Imagination of losses due to IT crash. And the question: How much money does IT need to run everything, how is it?

    To find the answer, we'll first look at all of your devices. If we find critical issues, we will immediately alert them. We will continue to keep you informed about the status of the infrastructure. We will alert you in time for the necessary expenses and we will clearly show their meaning. You plan to invest in peace and with all the necessary information.

  • Alienation or loss of data and other external attacks

    Also the loss of any kind of sensitive data is the nightmare of anyone who wants more than Facebook access. So security of computers and data protection is always the main task.

    We check the status and propose measures that match the situation. It can be firewall settings or system rules that protect your data and field users.

    We pay attention to regular update of the security features of server systems and applications, antivirus and antispam on end devices, data archiving and their careful backups.

  • System malfunction and data unavailability

    Even if the unavailability of mail or the site does not endanger the very existence of data, it is enough that worry employees or damages a good name of your brand.

    We run a surveillance center above all important systems. Our technicians will immediately find out that the system has problems and are able to quickly fix it. We manage the technical documentation so that it is always up to date, available, and prevents confusion.

  • Possible threat to the company when using illegal software

    Pirate programs are no longer barking, the sanctions of illegal installations are real and painful.

    We will familiarize you with your licensing policy, review installation status, optimize licensing, and propose internal regulations to protect the company from employee misconduct. Do you know that the simple rule that employees know is often more effective than the technical restriction that costs you money? It is so!

Service cost

Billing is a matter of agreement, possible variants are:

  • Flat-rate payment

  • Flat-rate payment plus a statement of works performed over flat rates

  • Job Report


We charge on a price list:

  • Basic hourly rate: 650 CZK

  • Hourly rate for work outside of basic working hours: 1,150 CZK

  • Hourly rate for additional payments for flat-rate contracts: 590 CZK

  • Transportation: a flat fee of 290 CZK (if goods are needed)

Standard Working Hours: Working days 8-18 hours. Prices excluding VAT.

Why IT Outsourcing with Us

  • We are not forcing expensive or unnecessarily costly solutions. We see your maximum benefit in the given situation even in the long run.

  • Very short response times, 90% of service interventions begin within 120 minutes of reporting.

  • We can easily understand our users.


  • Continuous Care , the security and development of your information technology. Effective data protection.

  • Highly cost savings compared to the cost of your own IT staff

  • Confidential knowledge of the issue.

  • Professionality, loyalty and discretion of our long-time employees.

The service quality, reaction times and all other guarantees are defined by the contract. It also includes penalties for eventuality. Non-compliance.

Frequently asked questions

  • We know that the current state of our IT is not optimal but we are afraid to interfere with it.

    This is a common situation, but concerns are unnecessary. The team of our experts has a long-standing experience and believe you will be advised. First, we will do an analysis and do not change anything. When we understand your IT environment we will suggest optimization options.

  • We need to modernize, but we are troubled by the consequences of shutdowns.

    We plan the work with little or no effect on your company. Full downtime is exceptional, and when it can't be avoided, it takes only a very short time.

  • How does the collaboration look like?

    The past experience says one of the most important things in IT is mutual communication. With our customers we do not have raw but friendly partnerships.

    The essence of our work is to regularly check, maintain and manage your network, servers, and workstations. Key elements are continuously monitored. Small things are handled remotely, bigger in place.

    You can ask us for our phone support questions, manage requests through the helpdesk.

    We usually resolve the impending issues ahead of time. Risks, needs, opportunities, and development plans personally and in detail.

  • We need to change the IT manager, but we do not want to let a foreign company to our data.

    Doubts are understandable, but try to distract them. Our people who get in touch with your data are scrutinized and loyal - Blue Partners have been working for seven or more years. The handling of sensitive data is strictly guided by our internal regulations. In addition, we hold the NBU Certificate No. 001683 Confidential and 001809 Secret.

    Contact our clients and ask them how they feel safe with us.

  • We want outsourcing IT, but for reasonable money.

    How else? We propose reasoned solutions for clearly specified needs. Ideal is a precisely tuned compromise between costs and concrete benefits for your business. We have enough experience and morals to provide and guarantee such solutions.

How to get started

  1. Contact Us.

  2. Describe the state of your IT environment and say what troubles you about it. High cost? Problems with functionality, performance, or security? Lack of control and insight?

  3. We'll come to and take a closer look at it.

  4. Let's analyze your IT environment, draw attention to threats and weaknesses, and suggest action.