Project Office

The project office is open to all those involved in IT projects.
Our experts will help you with the rules, methodology and documentation of projects.
The service provides management of IT projects, including projects funded by European funds.

Project Office Options

Our experts can consult with you or ensure complex project management. Typical activities are:

  • Project Definitions : Functional Requirements Formulation, Risk Analysis, Feasibility Study, Measurable Project Success Indicators, and

  • Tenders : preparation of tender dossier, proposal of qualification requirements, proposal of evaluation criteria, evaluation method, expert evaluation of proposals, draft contract etc.

  • Financial Management : allocation of financial resources, budget preparation, preparation of budget documentation, preparation of investment plans, allocation of human resources, etc.

  • Project Management : Design of Project Management Methodology, Supervision, Documentation, Risk Management, Change and Quality, etc.

  • Project evaluation : checking the project documentation, evaluating the fulfillment of the project's parameters ad


All these services can also be provided for projects co-financed by the European Union, ie with the oversight of compliance with the individual calls and ensuring complete documentation.

Projektová kancelář - graf cyklu IT projektu Blue Partners


  • Project plan

  • Project Budget Records

  • Evidence and evaluation of project risks and problems

  • Teamwork reports

  • Minutes from Project Steering Committee

  • Reports and reports for EU supervisors

  • Emerging Threat Reports


Project Officepříklad
Project Officepříklad
Project Officepříklad
Project Officepříklad


Experts with years of experience in project management will be working for you according to PRINCE2 methodology and / or your internal methodologies.

Risks of poor management of IT projects

  • Unauthorized requests

    Do not work if you do not get money for your project. Requests leaving our Project Office are thought out from start to finish. Our clients are successful in over 90% of cases.

  • Ineligible expenditure on European projects

    The way the IT project is prepared and managed through the Project Office reduces the risk of disputes about eligibility of expenses.

  • Additional costs

    Technologically, processively and contractually, we run the project so that no additional costs are incurred at any stage.

  • Delay of the project

    Risks are preceded by rational planning of terms based on the knowledge of the risks that the delays cause. Risks are monitored and eliminated during the project before it causes problems.

Service price

A satisfactory form of billing is a matter of agreement. Possible variants:

  • Flat-rate payment for project management

  • Job Report

Why knock on our Project Office door

  • We have experience in managing IT projects with budgets of hundreds of thousands and hundreds of millions of crowns.

  • We are orientated in all project dimensions: project, financial, business, legal, legal and technology.

  • High probability of accepting the request, the certainty of formally perfect implementation of the project.


  • We provide effective methodological and organizational support for project management from request to documentation closure.

  • We will greatly reduce your time and mental load your staff.

  • quality of provided services, output range and content, and binding terms will be set.

  • Penalties will be set for breach of contractual obligations.


A specific guarantee will determine the contract according to the terms of the project.

Frequently asked questions

How to get started

Contact us at any stage of your project. We will come to you, talk and suggest an appropriate way to integrate the project office into your internal processes.